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3D Modeling & Manufacturing Details Of Integrated Sluice Gate For Canal  Automation

Date – 2015
Client – Mechatronic Systems Privet Limited
Category – Automation
This is the first time in India the integrated sluice gates with canal automation is implemented by Mechatronics system privet limited. The sluice gates are completely made of stainless steel consisting of accurate (2%) flow measuring system. We share the privilege of making 3D model & manufacturing details for mechatronic systems private limited.


Corner Welding Automation

Date – 2016
Client – Veena Industries, Chakan Plant

Design development & manufacturing of Corner welding automation for welding the corners of fabricated canopy doors.

Video link :-

Mig ( co2 ) welding process is used to meet the requirements & flexibility of the sheet metal work with sheet thickness varying from 1 mm to 3 mm.

Vertical welding process allows the ease of handling the work piece. The automation provides uniform welding of all corners with good aesthetics irrespective of operator. Reduces the welding cycle time by 25 %, provide good finish with very small amounts of slandering & buffing. The automation have vertical welding stock of 250 mm

Mold Tooling

Date – 2014
Client – Paranjape Engineering Works
Gravity die casting molds of aluminum components. Molds consisting of multiple cores.


Animal Ration Cutter

Date – 2016
Client – Abhinav Industries

Development, 3 D modeling & manufacturing details of animal ration cutter. New design of animal ration cutter with more operating safety & compact size.

It produces the output of 450 Kg / Hrs of uniform size cut pieces of fodder.

Magnetic Drilling Stand

Date – 2016
Client – Abhinav Industries

3 D modeling & manufacturing details for magnetic drilling stand for abhinav industries with material optimization for reducing the machine weight. Total weight reduced by 30 %.


Trolley Mounted Frame

Date – 2016
Client – Prasad Macfab
3 D modeling & manufacturing details for trolley mounted frame for generator sets pump sets.

Surgical Instruments

Date – 2014
Client – Optofine Instruments
Development, 3D modeling & manufacturing details of High speed / high frequency compact instruments for surgical purpose used for ENT surgery. Made of special purpose surgical material for contamination free operation.


Surgical Instruments

Date – 2015
Client – Indiginius Technology
Development, 3D modeling & manufacturing details of High speed / high frequency compact instruments for surgical purpose used for eye surgery. Made of special purpose surgical material for contamination free operation.

Twin Belt Grinder Polisher

Date – 2015
Client – Prasad mac fab
Belt type grinder & polisher for big fabrication jobs ( frames, canopy’s, structures etc.)
The machine have 2500 mm stroke in width. Can handle the job of height up to 1.5 m, width of 2.5 m


Tender Coconut Shredding Machine.

Date – 2015
Client – Abhinav Industries
Development, 3D modeling, & manufacturing details of shredder machine.
The machine output is 300 Kg/hr of crushed tender coconut. It works on impact crushing principle.

WeldingFixtures For Big Precision Frames

Date – 2015
Client – Prasad mac fab
Welding fixture for big precision fabricated frames.


Special Purpose Universal Testing Machine

Date – 2014
Client – Kalpak Instruments & Controls
Category – Machine tool
Static structural analysis of machine frame, for machine loading of 200 ton compression & 50 ton tension, with hydraulic cylinder. Along with manufacturing details.

Metal Chip Shredding Machine

 Date – 2014
Client – V 4 mechkraft
Starting from concept, development of metal chip shredding machine. 3D modeling & manufacturing details. The machine is supposed to produce 500 Kg/hr of shredded metal, it is horizontal shredder.


Fixture For Semi-automatic Assembly & Testing Of Automotive Components.

Date – 2014
Client – Prabodh Nirman
The automotive sub assembly is complicated & time consuming job & sometimes it is not possible without help of fixtures. This fixtures consists of pneumatic actuators & poka yoke systems for faultless production of component. This fixtures reduce the cycle time of component assembly.

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